How to Use Gallery Walk?

Gallery Walk is most successful when students are properly prepared to use it, when instructors are familiar both in its effective use and challenges, and when student learning is assessed.

  • thumbnail of Gallery Walk direction
    Student Instructions: to ease students into Gallery Walk, provide them with an introduction.
  • Step by Step Instructions: to lead a Gallery Walk you should be prepared and fully comfortable with the technique. Find a concise step by step summary on how to implement Gallery Walk. Included in this section are suggestions for using variants of the Gallery Walk technique, the "Gallery Run" and "Computer Tour."
  • Assessing Gallery Walk: assessment is important to see what students gained from the experience. Assessment also helps students take this discussion technique seriously. In this section, find a variety of rubrics to evaluate your students' performance, either through quick, informal assessment or through formal oral and written presentations. There is also an evaluation form asking students to judge the effectiveness of Gallery Walk.
  • Challenges in Implementing Gallery Walk: While Gallery Walk is an effective method for fostering higher order thinking skills and promoting class discussion, it is not without its challenges. Find a list of potential difficulties with Gallery Walk and how to address these problems.