Identifying gaps in TTE content

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Identifying gaps in TTE content  

Teach the Earth needs your help!

Have you ever been searching Teach the Earth (or elsewhere online) for high quality, ready-to-go activities or topics that are suitable for your geoscience course, only to come up empty handed? This is your chance to tell the Teach the Earth website committee all about it!

We are interested in learning more about the needs of Teach the Earth users and want to identify gaps in the geoscience content house in the Teach the Earth portal. You can help us do that by contributing your ideas to our discussion in this thread.


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I used to use a website on earthquakes for students to produce an earthquake and go through the processes of finding amplitude, triangulation for epicenter, etc. The website is no longer up. I would love to have an organization put the sciencecourseware webpages back up for public schools to use.


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