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Position Paper: Where to Send NASA's Next Big Mission part of Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center:Writing Across the Curriculum with Numbers:Assignments
An opinion essay (in the style of an Op-Ed) wherein students argue for sending NASA's next large mission to a particular solar system target. Arguments are based on data and (where possible) numbers.

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Race and Space part of Curriculum for the Bioregion:Activities
This assignment exposes students to racial inequalities in their own communities and helps them to identify the impact of racial segregation on quality of life. The big ideas in this assignment are racial inequality, residential segregation, and environmental justice.

Subject: Geography, Environmental Science, Sociology, Geography:Human/Cultural, Environmental Science:Policy:Environmental Ethics/Values

Mining the News part of Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center:Writing Across the Curriculum with Numbers:Assignments
This is a series of short assignments that require students to locate appropriate journalistic texts and employ rhetorical analysis: Mining the News.

The Anatomy of a Rate Law part of Examples
This assignment teaches geochemistry students to explain the mathematical forms of rate laws, and organize paragraphs in their writing assignments properly.

Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Geochemistry:Reaction Kinetics/Rates, Geoscience:Geology:Geochemistry

Carbon Sequestration of Eastside Neighborhood Trees part of Examples
Carbon Sequestration of Eastside Neighborhood Trees in Northfield, MN

Mystery in Alaska: A Study of the 2000 Fishing Ban part of Examples
Solving Mystery in Alaska and investigating the role of science in July 2000 Alaska fishing ban with the intention to protect Steller sea lions.

Shifting Attitudes on the Second Shift: A Statistical Analysis of Women and Work part of Examples
(How) have public attitudes about work and gender changed over the last 25 years? Using the General Social Survey (available online) students will conduct a descriptive statistical analysis of Americans perceptions about women and work from 1988. They will then contextualize their findings within the contemporary literature about these issues.

Subject: Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies

Understanding Macroeconomic Statistics: Country Profile Project part of Examples
This project, appropriate for principles of macro students, provides students with the opportunity to use collect and present real world data pertinent to macro concepts such as GDP, economic growth, unemployment and inflation. A short quantitative writing assignment reinforces interpretation skills.

Replicating Results of Famous Empirical Papers part of Pedagogy in Action:Library:Undergraduate Research:Example

Counting Grizzly Bears: An Exercise in Historical Reasoning part of Examples
This assignment engages students in an environmental history class in the use of quantitative data, and raises questions about the nature and meaning of that data, and how it might be utilized.

Subject: History, Environmental Science