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Interactive Lectures in Economics

Interactive lectures are classes in which the instructor incorporates and breaks the lecture at least once per class to have students participate in an activity that lets them work directly with the material. Interactive lectures can be effectively incorporated into any discipline, however, what follows are some guidelines on how to integrate this teaching strategy specifically in an economics course.
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Why use Interactive Lectures in an economics course?

Lecturing, a time-honored teaching technique, offers an efficient method to present information to a large number of students but may result in students who listen passively. Making lectures interactive by including interactive techniques such as think-pair-share, demonstrations, and role playing, can foster active engagement and accountability enhance the value of the lecture segments. Using techniques that allow all of the students to participate, instead of having individual students answer questions when called on, will promote student retention and learning of the material presented during lecture, give students practice in developing critical-thinking skills, and enable instructors to assess how well the class is learning that day.When universal participation is expected, building in student accountability is extremely important.

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How to use Interactive Lectures in Economics

Five steps are essential for providing an effective interactive lecture. Paying careful attention to each step will help the instructor off to a great start.

Getting Started

Common challenges and insights

Economic Examples

Economic examples can be categorized along the lines of faculty/student time investment, types of classroom settings, and content.

Faculty/student time investment:

Classroom settings:


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Economic References and Resources

This bibliography includes references to suggestions and articles describing interactive lecture activities.

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