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Why Teach with Classroom Experiments?

What students say about classroom experiments:

"I feel the games have helped me a great deal as they enabled me to see the theory in action and made it more memorable"

"Sometimes I find certain theories or concepts very difficult to understand properly when being taught in a normal lecture. However the games present me with a much greater sense of understanding and relating them to current issues or giving examples makes it easier for me to learn and remember"

John Guest, 2009.

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Why Use Experiments Instead?

What are some situations in which instructors might choose to use a classroom experiments instead of, or in addition to, more traditional classroom practices?

The pedagogy is built on research on learning that shows that most students do not respond best to pure "chalk and talk," but rather to "active learning" environments. Classroom Experiments keep learners active in a number of ways depending on the nature of the particular experiment.

Higher Academic Achievement

Improved Student Satisfaction with Teaching Pedagogy

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