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Examples of Testing Conjectures


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Seeing and Describing the Predictable Pattern: The Central Limit Theorem part of Examples
This activity helps students develop a better understanding and stronger reasoning skills about the Central Limit Theorem and normal distributions. Key words: Sample, Normal Distribution, Model, Distribution, Variability, Central Limit Theorem (CLT)

Subject: Mathematics:Statistics:Probability, Mathematics:Statistics, Mathematics, Statistics:Probability:Limit Theorems:Central Limit Theorem, Mathematics:Statistics:Probability:Limit Theorems

Reasoning About Center and Spread: How do Students Spend Their Time? part of Examples
This activity helps students develop better understanding and stronger reasoning skills about distributions in terms of center and spread. Key words: center, spread, distribution

Subject: Mathematics:Statistics, Mathematics, Statistics:Statistical Inference and Techniques, Data Presentation

Independent Samples t-Test: Chips Ahoy® vs. Supermarket Brand part of Examples
In this hands-on activity, students count the number of chips in cookies in order to carry out an independent samples t-test to compare Chips Ahoy® cookies and a supermarket brand. It can involve discussion of randomness and independence of samples, comparing two parameters with null and alternative hypotheses, and the practical issues of counting chips in a cookie.

Subject: Mathematics:Statistics:Statistical Inference and Techniques, Mathematics:Statistics, Mathematics, Statistics:Data Collection:Sampling and Survey Issues, Mathematics:Statistics:Data Collection

Using Your Hair to Understand Descriptive Statistics part of Examples
The purpose of this activity is to enhance students’ understanding of various descriptive measures in statistics. In particular, students will gain a visual understanding of means, medians, quartiles, and boxplots without doing any computations by completing this activity.

Subject: Mathematics:Statistics, Mathematics, Statistics:Data Collection, Data Collection:Measurements Properties and Issues

A ducks story- introducing the idea of testing (statistical) hypotheses part of Examples
The ideas and vocabulary of testing statistical hypotheses, from research question to conclusion, are introduced using a simple story regarding a population proportion and a small sample using the binomial table to find the p-value.

Subject: Mathematics:Statistics, Mathematics, Statistics:Data Presentation, Data Collection

An In-Class Experiment to Estimate Binomial Probabilities part of Examples
This hands-on activity asks students to conduct a binomial experiment and calculate a confidence interval for the true probabiity. It is useful for involving students, and for having a discussion about the interpretation of confidence intervals and the role of sample size in estimation.

Subject: Mathematics:Statistics:Data Presentation, Statistical Inference and Techniques, Probability, Mathematics:Statistics, Statistics:Data Collection, Mathematics

Poverty and Young Adults part of SSDAN:Activities
This exercise focuses on the effects of various social characteristics on poverty. It is based on the sociological assumption that patterns exist in relation to poverty in society.

Subject: Sociology

Shrinky Dink Chemistry part of MnSTEP Teaching Activity Collection:MnSTEP Activity Mini-collection
This activity is a hands-on activity where students learn about polymers and the science of plastics, while making shrinky dinks.

Subject: Chemistry:General Chemistry, , ChemistryGeneral ChemistryBonding & Molecules

Investigating Flight with Paper Airplanes part of MnSTEP Teaching Activity Collection:MnSTEP Activity Mini-collection
Students will determine a testable question and create an experiment related to flight of paper airplanes. They will gather and record data and present their findings to classmates.

Subject: Physics

Who is on Top? part of MnSTEP Teaching Activity Collection:MnSTEP Activity Mini-collection
Investigating Density: Can water change density?

Subject: Chemistry:General Chemistry:Properties of Matter,

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