Cesium Chloride

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  1. What is the coordination number of Cs?
  2. If all the Cl atoms bonded to an individual Cs atom are connected, what is the polyhedron that forms around Cs?
  3. Compare the structures of NaCl and CsCl. Why are they different? (Hint: What is the difference between the size of a Na and Cs ion?.
  4. The strength of bonds around a cation is the cationic charge divided by the number of bonds (the coordination number). Calculate and compare the bond strengths in NaCl and CsCl.
  5. Bond strength is inversely proportional to solubility. Which would you expect to be more soluble, NaCl or CsCl?
  6. Which element, Na or Cs, will most readily fit into mineral structures, and which will be excluded during a crystallization sequence (i.e., it will be concentrated in a magma) and why?