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Alpha Quartz

Download the structure for interactive viewing

Choose one of the options below, based on which program you want to view the structure with.

For viewing with the demo version of CrystalMaker (more info) ,
Download the quartz structure as Alpha Quartz ( 16kB Jun8 07) and use CrystalMaker for viewing.
For viewing with the commercial version of CrystalMaker (more info) ,
Open the Crystal Structures Library on the CrystalMaker disc, and click on Minerals > Silicates > Tectosilicates > Silica Polymorphs > Quartz (alpha)@298K.

For viewing with XtalDraw (more info) ,
Click on the QUARTZ file in the XtalDraw folder.
For viewing in a web browser,
Go to Crystal Structures (more info) and choose "Quartz lattice (at low temperature)", which is listed under "Some common non-cubic lattices". This resource is currently off-line. Please check back at a later date.


  1. What is the coordination number of Si?
  2. 4
  3. Compare the structures of diamond and quartz. Are there similarities?
  4. Describe how the Si tetrahedra are joined in this structure.