Living in an Alkaline Environment

A WebQuest Exploring the Life and Ecology of Mono Lake

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Artemia - alkaline shrimp - from Mono Lake California
Artemia monica is endemic to Mono lake, where it tolerates both the alkaline and hypersaline environments. It occurs in vast numbers - an estimated 5 trillion inhabit the lake. Most likely, Artemia monica was the organism that Mark Twain referred to as being a "white feathery sort of worm, one half an inch long, which looks like a bit of white thread frayed out at the sides". This image was taken by David Patterson and provided courtesy of the microscope web site.

The Mono Lake Conservation Commission thanks you for a job well done! Your hard work and dedication will help tourists and other naturalists to better appreciate the beauty and diversity of Mono Lake. As you've learned, the Mono Lake ecosystem is quite different from those we are typically familiar with. Your contribution will show others a complexity of freshwater ecosystems that is often overlooked and unrecognized by those unfamiliar with the microbial world.

We hope you've enjoyed this virtual experience and will continue your exploration through the fascinating world of microbes. If you would like to learn about microbial life in other extreme environments, check out: