Living in an Alkaline Environment

A WebQuest Exploring the Life and Ecology of Mono Lake

Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion Teachers


To prepare pages for your Mono Lake Field Guide, you will:
  1. Choose two organisms living in and around Mono Lake from each category in the table below (i.e, two producers, two ciliates, two arthropods, and two birds).

    Categories of Mono Lake Organisms
  2. Research these organisms, using the provided resources.
  3. Write a brief description and obtain an image for each organism.
  4. Illustrate the transfer of energy in the Mono Lake ecosystem by constructing a food web that connects all (or most) of your organisms.
  5. Research the geography and ecology of the area where Mono Lake is located.
  6. Present your food web and information about Mono Lake in the form of field guide pages. Refer to the evaluation rubric for details about the format and the information to include.