Endoliths for Educators

  • Deep Drilling at Sea. This Science News for Kids article provides an image-rich overview of a deep-sea drilling project off the coast of British Columbia. The article guides students through the exploration, explaining how deep sediment cores are taken, what researchers find in the cores, and details of what life is like on a research ship. It features links to an online poll, an opportunity for students to submit comments, a deep-sea drilling word find, and links to supplementary reading questions and related sites. (more info)
  • Microbiological Garden . The Microbiological Garden features specialized collections with images and informative paragraphs covering microbial-based topics including: foyer... (more info)

Other Endolith Collections

General Collection: General Collection Resources such as news article
s, web sites, and reference pages provide a comprehensive array of information about endoliths.

Advanced Collection: Compiled for professionals and advanced learners, this endolith collection includes online resources such as journal articles, academic reviews, and surveys.

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Additional Resources

For additional resources about endoliths, search the Microbial Life collection.