Topic suggestions for Just in Time math modules

From the February 2019 IINSPIRE mini-workshop

In February 2019, as part of the IINSPIRE LSAMP annual conference, we conducted a mini-workshop on Math in the STEM classroom. At that meeting, we asked participants to identify bite-size math skills that 1) students frequently struggle with and that 2) hold them back from learning the other content being taught. Below is a list of the most frequently listed topics along with links to video tutorials that might be used in a JiT module for this topic.

Possible Topics:

Dimensional analysis / unit conversion

o href="">Dimensional Analysis

o Unit Conversion


o href="">Molarity

o Khan Academy molarity

pH– log scale

o Acid, base and pH

o Log Scale from Khan Academy

Ratios and working with fractions

o [link 'Introduction to ratios']

o [link 'Multiplying fractions']

Working with percents

o Percentage problems

Calculating dilution or standard curves

o Dilutions

Other topis to consider:

· Michalis-Mention kinetics

· Setting up equations

· Solving algebraic equations

· Simplifying expressions

· Turning word problems into equations

· Working with constants

· Plotting