LSAMP IINSPIRE Faculty Workshop


Purpose: Your feedback about what worked and did not work for you in this workshop will be valuable to us as we plan workshops in the future.

Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential. We would like you to write your name below. This will improve our ability to evaluate the program by allowing us to link information about your workshop experience to your institutional context. Except where indicated, the program leaders will not see your name.

To what extent are these statements true for you for this workshop?

3. I believe the goals of the workshop as stated were met:

7. In terms of future pedagogy workshops topics, which most interest you? (Check all that apply.)

New topics:

Previous workshop topics for which I was not able to participate or would be interested in a "second scoop:"

8. One of the outcomes of this workshop is to create a website of resources that will be helpful to participants moving forward with their program plans. Please check which resources you will be willing to share and which resources you would like to find on such a website (For items where you would be willing to share, your name will be shared with workshop leaders.)

I would be willing to share resources in this area (your name for this item will be shared with website assistant). Check all that apply.

I would be interested in finding resources in this area

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