Dr. Edith Davis: Using InTeGrate materials in GLY 2001 – Earth & Space Science 001, 002, and 003 at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

About this Course

Introductory course.

27, 27, 35
16 weeks 1:15 Min Per class period

Dr. Edith G. Davis Earth and Space Science Spring 2018 Syllabus (Microsoft Word 344kB Jul17 18)

Creating a Thirst for more knowledge about the Earth's Interface between Water, Earth's Surface and Human Activity.

I used the InTeGrate Modules and Courses >Interactions between Water, Earth's Surface, and Human Activity > Unit 1: Hydrologic Cycle Module to Enhance my Earth Science classes. One of the world's major challenges is the management of fresh water. Fresh water is one of the most precious commodities on Planet Earth. The InTeGrate Hydrology Cycle Module enabled me to give the students a REAL WORLD Experience in the classroom.

Water is one of the most precious resources on Plant Earth and Nations will rise as well as fall partly based on their source of water."

My Experience Teaching with InTeGrateMaterials

The Interactions between Water, Earth's Surface, and Human Activity > Unit 1: Hydrologic Cycle dove tailed well into my unit on the Hydrosphere. The students returned from their Midterm experience to be back in an enriching module on the hydrologic cycle. The students enjoyed their hands on experience of how much fresh water there really is on Planet Earth.

Relationship of InTeGrate Materials to my Course

My course is 16 weeks. The module was introduced after the Midterm Exam. The InTeGrate Module was integrated in the following line up:

  • Science Environmental Science
  • Earth and Space Science High Level Overview
  • Earth's Structure
  • Earth's Changing Surface
  • Earth's Ecology
  • Earth's Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Water on Earth
    • Implemented InTeGrate Materials - Unit 1: Hydrologic Cycle
  • Lesson Plans That Develops Critical Thinking
  • Teaching Science Equitably to All Children
  • Building Assessment into Instruction


I used the Assessments that were built into the module. I broke the classes into small groups as they competed with each other to answer the question quickly and correctly. The competition added more energy into the classroom experience and everyone was excited and having fun. It was nothing like the Midterm Exam they had just experience. The InTeGrate Assessments made testing FUN.


The vision I had by using the InTeGrate Module on the Hydrologic Cycle was to make the Science come alive and also make it relevant to their everyday lives. My goal was to have them wanting to learn more. The goals were achieved demonstrated by the questions that were asked and the essays many of them wrote based on the InTeGrate Module.

Learn more about the course and the philosophy behind the course (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 168kB Aug14 18).

Classroom Context