Share Your Experience as an Instructor Story

The InTeGrate team is very interested to hear about how the materials we've developed are being used and adopted by our fellow educators. Your feedback will help us evolve the materials in the right direction and help us make the case that this work should continue.

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Your Instructor Story

Instructor Stories (opens in new window) are an important way for faculty share to their experiences using InTeGrate materials in their classroom. Take a few minutes and contribute your story. It will become a web page that others can learn from.

Introductory Statement

The summary should start with one line that captures the context in which the module was used. This should be followed by 2-5 sentences that highlight what was particularly interesting about this particular implementation. This could include the setting, schedule, student group, an exceptional success or unusual adaptation of materials

Inspirational Quote

For the end of your intro statement, please add an inspirational quote that instills the value of using the module in your class.

Unit-by-Unit breakdown

Detailed breakdown, by unit, for how you implemented the module within the course -- can be a bulleted list broken out by unit that walks instructors through how you implemented the units in your classroom, including helpful tips and supplemental documents.