InTeGrate: Interdisciplinary Teaching of Geoscience for a Sustainable Future

Opportunities for InTeGrate Participation: Get Involved!

Apply to Author a Course or Module:

We are excited to announce two calls for 2013 course and module development teams and encourage those interested to apply.

The deadline for proposals is Feb 15, 2013.

Apply to Test the Geoscience Literacy Exam:

The Geoscience Literacy Exam (GLE) is one of many instruments being developed by the InTeGrate Assessment Team to evaluate the effectiveness of InTeGrate teaching materials on student learning and specifically addresses Earth, Climate, and Ocean Science literacies.

Please apply if you are interested in willing to use existing GLE questions in your classroom, assist the team in developing new GLE questions, and/or help the team in building a computer-gradable essay question database by scoring essay responses.

Participate in a 2013 Workshop:

The InTeGrate program is offering 3 new workshops for 2013, plus one partnership workshop in collaboration with On the Cutting Edge. Workshop topics include:

Workshop descriptions and applications are available online.

AGU Town Hall TH22L

Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 12:30 - 1:30 pm
Moscone West - Room 2018

Town Hall Description

InTeGrate is an NSF-funded community project to improve geoscience literacy and build a workforce that can make use of geoscience to address societal issues. At this town hall AGU members can learn about the first year of the InTeGrate project, hear about opportunities to be involved in materials development teams, implementation programs, and workshops in the upcoming year, and give input on future directions for the project.

Town Hall Program


  • What is InTeGrate and who is involved?
  • What InTeGrate is doing - resource collections, teaching materials development, workshops, and professional development
  • Upcoming events and plans for 2013 - opportunities for you to become involved in curriculum development and the 2013 workshop series

Community discussion addressing:

  • Plans for upcoming events and materials development are still evolving based on results and input from community. What would you like to see happen?
  • We aren't the only ones with good ideas. What successful programs/materials/workshops should we know about and try to build on/partner with/etc.? Please participate in this conversation using the discussion thread.
  • We want to achieve systemic, transformative results. How do we do this? Who do we need to get involved?

Discussion Notes:

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