Participant Checklist

By December 18

  • Complete the Doodle Poll on typical January availability so that Beth can schedule pre-workshop webinars.
    • The survey lists actual dates but just pretend this is your general schedule for January. Answer it with the normal times you would be available on a given day of the week from January 9-February 2. Please add notes at the bottom about any days of the month that you are traveling or otherwise completely busy.
  • Most likely each webinar will be offered at two times to ensure that everyone is able to participate.

By January 2

  • Complete your travel plans and let both Melissa ( AND Donna Charlevoix ( know what they are so we can finalize the hotel reservation and plan the car pools or shuttles as needed. Please do email both Melissa and Donna so that the information gets recorded properly even through the holidays with people on leave.

Participate in one of the two available sessions for each of the three preparation webinars

  • More webinar information can be found at the Team Meetings page.
  • Webinars will be held Mondays - January 8, January 22, and February 5
    • Time 1: 1 pm PT | 2 pm MT | 3 pm CT | 4 pm ET
    • Time 2: 3 pm PT | 4 pm MT | 5 pm CT | 6 pm ET

Prior to the 1st webinar - Monday January 8

  • Authors take the BARSTL survey. You will have to log into your SERC account to access this page. This survey was designed for InTeGrate authors. However, you will find that "GETSI Project" is available at the bottom of the pull-down menu related to "InTeGrate Module" name. That will allow us to pull out data for our project. (A few of you may have completed this survey in conjunction with another project, but we ask that you please take it again so that we have a sense for your current teaching and learning thoughts)
  • Review Information for New Authors page
  • Review the GETSI Materials Development Rubric (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 134kB Dec7 17) and come with questions for first webinar call.
  • If you feel like you need an introduction or refresher on relevant literacy principles, you can also review Climate and Earth Science Literacy Principles or the GETSI-specific literacy principles (Acrobat (PDF) 51kB Jan18 14).

Prior to the 2nd webinar - Monday January 22

Please complete the Webinar #1 Road Check survey right away (while the webinar is fresh in your mind).

  • Plan a time to call or Skype with your author partner to discuss the alignment of your module to GETSI Guiding Principles. Do take some notes so you can later use this conversation to build in your overall module development.
    1. Geodesy-related grand challenges facing society (geohazards, climate change, and water resource management)
    2. Interdisciplinary thinking (interconnections between Earth science and economic, societal, and policy issues)
    3. Nature and methods of geoscientific thinking
    4. Authentic and credible geodesy data use
    5. Promotes use of quantitative skills
  • Visit your module via the Materials In Progress page. You can get to this through the direct link or GETSI site --> For Team Members --> Materials In Progress
    • Perhaps you will also want to look at published GETSI modules to see how module elements look when they are completed.
  • Please read this article that focuses on the intersection between earth and human systems An economic argument for reframing the geoscientist's role in disaster mitigation, Earth Magazine 2017 (Acrobat (PDF) 6MB Jan9 18). If you have any ideas or comments after reading it, please share them with the group during the next webinar.

Prior to the 3rd webinar - Monday February 5

Please complete the Webinar #2 Road Check survey right away (while the webinar is fresh in your mind).

  • Visit your module via the Materials In Progress page. (You will need to be logged into your SERC account.)
  • Practice accessing the Serckit Content Management System (CMS). The Serckit CMS Information pages provide extensive instructions on how to use the functions. Quick Edit Help may be the most immediately useful.
    • Navigate to "Reports" page in your module and fill in "Team Member Information" for you (near the bottom of the page)
    • Navigate to "Checkpoint 1 Workpage" and copy in any notes you developed related to Alignment with Guiding Principles (in coordination with your author partner)
  • Do a call with your author partner to discuss module goals. Input ideas to "Checkpoint 1 Workpage"

Prior to the February 9-11 workshop

  • Review the Information for Team Members, page and bring additional questions to the February In-person Workshop
  • Review the meeting agenda
  • Bring the signed Author Agreement paperwork that you received via email.
Contact Beth Pratt-Sitaula (prattsitaula AT if you have questions.

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