Materials in Progress

In development

Volcanic Hazards (Introductory level)

Team members: Kaatje Kraft (Whatcom Community College) and Rachel Teasdale (California State University-Chico)

Measuring the Earth with GPS (Introductory level)

Team members: Karen Kortz (Community College of Rhode Island) and Jessica Smay (San Jose City College)

Water hazards and resources (Introductory level)

Team members: Jonathan Harvey (Fort Lewis College) and Becca Walker (Mt San Antonio College)

Landscape and Environmental Change (Majors level)

Team members: Stephen Hughes (University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez) and Bobak Karimi (Wilkes University)

Flood Hazards (Majors level)

Team members: James McNamara (Boise State University) and Venkatesh Merwade (Purdue University)

Climate Change (Majors level)

Team members: Susan Kaspari (Central Washington University) and Bruce Douglas (Indiana University)


Links are to the development versions of the modules so authors can still make edits if needed.

Ice mass and sea level changes (Introductory level)

Team Members: Becca Walker, Leigh Stearns
Assessment Consultant: Ellen Iverson

Imaging active tectonics with LiDAR and InSAR (Majors level)

Team Members: Bruce Douglas, Gareth Funning
Assessment Consultant: Stuart Birnbaum

Analyzing High Resolution Topography with TLS and SfM (Majors Level; FIELD)

Team Members: Bruce Douglas, Kate Shervais, Chris Crosby
Assessment Consultant: Ellen Iverson

GPS, Strain, and Earthquakes (Majors level)

Team Members: Vince Cronin, Phil Resor
Assessment Consultant: Stuart Birnbaum

Measuring Water Resources with GPS, Gravity, and Traditional Methods (Majors level)

Team Members: Bruce Douglas, Eric Small
Assessment Consultant: Stuart Birnbaum

Surface Process Hazards (Introductory level)

Team Members: Becca Walker, Sarah Hall
Assessment Consultant: Ellen Iverson

High Precision Positioning with Static and Kinematic GPS/GNSS (Majors Level; FIELD)

Team Members: Ben Crosby, Ian Lauer
Assessment Consultant: Ellen Iverson