Initial Publication Date: August 18, 2014

Preparing for the Voyage

Part B: Meet the Scientists on Board Expedition 341

The JOIDES Resolution (JR) is a state of the art research ship that has traveled all over the world collecting rocks and sediments from beneath the world's oceans ( The JR is operated by IODP (International Ocean Discovery Program), a research program that explores the history and structure of Earth as recorded in seafloor sediments and rocks. Rocks and sediments collected by the JR have resulted in significant discoveries that have revolutionized our view of the history and processes that occur on Earth. These discoveries wouldn't be possible without the highly qualified and trained crew on board the JR; every job is essential for ensuring a successful expedition.

There are approximately 130 people working on board the JOIDES Resolution during each expedition. The diverse crew includes stewards, culinary experts, drillers, mechanics, welders, navigation specialists, lab technicians, electricians, engineers, and scientists. In this activity, you will learn about the different scientific jobs required for the success of Expedition 341. Although many of the scientists on board the JR have backgrounds in Earth science, there is a wide array of scientific interests and skills represented within the science labs. What does it take to be a member of the crew?


1. Obtain Table B from your instructor or download it here (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 41kB Oct26 21).

2. Obtain a set of career trading cards from your instructor. Each set of cards contains two categories: "Job Descriptions/Key Words" and Scientist/Crew member cards, which show pictures of Exp. 341 scientists/crew members and images of tools and equipment used for their jobs.

3. Begin with the "Job Description" cards. Read each job description and pick three jobs that sound the most interesting to you. Set your top three choices to the side and summarize the job descriptions of your top three choices in column 1 of your table.

4. You will now watch a number of interviews of scientists. Your task is to match the scientist trading card to the appropriate job description, based on information gathered from the video. Complete Column 2 of your table when you think you have found the scientist and/or crew member that matches job description(s) you summarized in column 1.

5. How many can you correctly identify? Obtain an answer key from your instructor and check your work.

6. Did you watch the videos of the most interesting job picks that you listed in column 1? If not, go back and watch them!

Stop and Think

1. The scientists on board the JOIDES Resolution are a team, all working together for a common goal. Based on your work in this activity, list the team members involved in the process of obtaining and analyzing a core sample beginning with lowering a section a pipe and ending with unloading the cores at the end of the expedition.

2. If you were working on board the JOIDES Resolution, which job would you most like to have? Why?