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The Importance of Teaching Quantitative Reasoning in Higher Education
Desiree Lonon, Savannah State University
Desiree Lonon, Chemistry & Forensic Science, Savannah State University Quantitative Reasoning "(QR) requires students to think critically and apply basic mathematics and statistics skills to interpret ...

Helping students develop quantitative reasoning skills via classroom engagement with data
Joseph Zume, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
Joseph T. Zume, Geography & Earth Science, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania I am a firm believer in the experiential learning doctrine. I believe that, one of the most efficient ways to help students ...

Using Data to Support Learning
Mustapha Kane, Florida Gateway College
Mustapha Kane, Math & Science, Florida Gateway College We are currently working in renewing our accreditation with the SACS. As a result, we are putting a lot of effort in strengthening our General Learning ...

Competence and confidence and student success
Kay Bjornen, Oklahoma State University-Main Campus
Kay Kuhlemeier Bjornen, Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State University-Main Campus I believe that student success in the chemistry classes that I taught was significantly affected by a negative feedback loop of ...

Using data as a scaffold to build abstract thinking skills in undergraduate ecology students
Laurel Anderson, Ohio Wesleyan University
Laurie Anderson, , Ohio Wesleyan University As undergraduate science instructors, we all want our students to be sensitive, curious, humble observers of the natural world and to learn to ask insightful questions ...

Quantitative reasoning skills in laboratory courses
Kabindra Shakya, Villanova University
Kabindra Shakya, Geography and the Environment, Villanova University Quantitative reasoning (QR) and critical thinking are one of the important learning goals for students in environmental science. Analysis of ...

Building student confidence in quantitative analyses using locally-relevant ecological data sets
Jon Sweetman, North Dakota State University-Main Campus
Jon Sweetman, Biological Sciences, North Dakota State University-Main Campus One of the primary courses I teach in a general ecology class. The class is a 300-level course, often with a mix of sophomore, junior ...

Original discovery in the learning process: Is it worth the effort?
Les Hasbargen, SUNY College at Oneonta
Les Hasbargen, , SUNY Oneonta I teach geosciences at a 4-year public liberal arts college. Courses that I teach are woven into Geology, Earth Science, and Environmental Sustainability programs on campus. Geology ...

Improving quantitative and computational skills in under-graduate bioscience education
Tom Andersen, University of Oslo, Norway
Tom Andersen, Department of biosciences, University of Oslo, Norway The Department of Biosciences at the University of Oslo, Norway, has gone through a major revision in its bachelor's and master's ...

Overcoming Math Anxiety to Achieve Quantitative Literacy for Professional Success
Victor Ricchezza, Georgia State University
Victor Ricchezza, School of Geosciences, University of South Florida Quantitative literacy (QL) used in the sensu lato can be thought of as an umbrella term encompassing quantitative reasoning, numeracy, and ...