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Statistics in a Biological Sciences Context
Daniel Wiegmann, Bowling Green State University-Main Campus
Daniel D. Wiegmann, , Bowling Green State University-Main Campus For my biometry (statistics) course my approach is to first describe the epistemological cycle (mostly review material) and discuss how statistics ...

Using Data to Support Learning
Mustapha Kane, Florida Gateway College
Mustapha Kane, Math & Science, Florida Gateway College We are currently working in renewing our accreditation with the SACS. As a result, we are putting a lot of effort in strengthening our General Learning ...

EDDIE workshop Essay
lina merchan, Savannah State University
Lina Merchan, Savannah State University I teach algebra-based introductory physics to non-physics majors at Savannah State University. Most of our students' majors are Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Science, ...

Using Data to Understand the Earth and Environment
Sarah Cadieux, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Sarah Cadieux, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Everything we know about the planet Earth is because of data collected empirically or experimentally. As such, to teach about our ...

Some Approaches, Challenges, Implementations, and Possible Future Attempts in Teaching Quantitative Reasoning in Undergraduate Science Courses
Dominike Merle-Johnson, Montgomery County Community College
Dominike Merle-Johnson, STEM-Physical Sciences, Montgomery County Community College-West Campus In the past six and a half years that I have been teaching at two different institutions, I implemented at least two ...

Building student confidence in quantitative analyses using locally-relevant ecological data sets
Jon Sweetman, North Dakota State University-Main Campus
Jon Sweetman, Biological Sciences, North Dakota State University-Main Campus One of the primary courses I teach in a general ecology class. The class is a 300-level course, often with a mix of sophomore, junior ...

Opportunities and challenges in developing critical thinking in ecology students
Courtney Campany, Colgate University
Courtney Campany, Biology, Colgate University Downloadable version of this essayOpportunities and challenges in developing critical thinking in ecology students (Acrobat (PDF) 62kB May2 19)

Improving quantitative and computational skills in under-graduate bioscience education
Tom Andersen, University of Oslo, Norway
Tom Andersen, Department of biosciences, University of Oslo, Norway The Department of Biosciences at the University of Oslo, Norway, has gone through a major revision in its bachelor's and master's ...

Teaching with data
Syed Ahmed, Xavier University of Louisiana
DR. SYED AHMED, Business Division, Xavier University of Louisiana Teaching Through Data Math is the language of all my courses that I teach. I use several techniques to make the math foundations strong of my ...

Original discovery in the learning process: Is it worth the effort?
Les Hasbargen, SUNY College at Oneonta
Les Hasbargen, , SUNY Oneonta I teach geosciences at a 4-year public liberal arts college. Courses that I teach are woven into Geology, Earth Science, and Environmental Sustainability programs on campus. Geology ...