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The Importance of Teaching Quantitative Reasoning in Higher Education
Desiree Lonon, Savannah State University
Desiree Lonon, Chemistry & Forensic Science, Savannah State University Quantitative Reasoning "(QR) requires students to think critically and apply basic mathematics and statistics skills to interpret ...

Helping students develop quantitative reasoning skills via classroom engagement with data
Joseph Zume, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
Joseph T. Zume, Geography & Earth Science, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania I am a firm believer in the experiential learning doctrine. I believe that, one of the most efficient ways to help students ...

Alessandro Zanazzi's Personal Experience of Teaching Quantitative Skills
Alessandro Zanazzi, Utah Valley University
Alessandro Zanazzi, Earth Science, Utah Valley University I have been teaching quantitative skills in all of my classes since I started my tenure track job at Utah Valley University (Fall 2011). I have taught ...

Competence and confidence and student success
Kay Bjornen, Oklahoma State University-Main Campus
Kay Kuhlemeier Bjornen, Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State University-Main Campus I believe that student success in the chemistry classes that I taught was significantly affected by a negative feedback loop of ...

Engaging Students in the Analysis and Interpretation of Seismic Data
Tammy Bravo, EarthScope Consortium
Tammy Bravo, Education and Outreach, IRIS Consortium The IRIS Consortium, in partnership with its member institutions and the scientific community, manages and operates comprehensive, high-quality geophysical ...

Improving quantitative and computational skills in under-graduate bioscience education
Tom Andersen, University of Oslo, Norway
Tom Andersen, Department of biosciences, University of Oslo, Norway The Department of Biosciences at the University of Oslo, Norway, has gone through a major revision in its bachelor's and master's ...

Overcoming Math Anxiety to Achieve Quantitative Literacy for Professional Success
Victor Ricchezza, Georgia State University
Victor Ricchezza, School of Geosciences, University of South Florida Quantitative literacy (QL) used in the sensu lato can be thought of as an umbrella term encompassing quantitative reasoning, numeracy, and ...

Using Data to Understand the Earth and Environment
Sarah Cadieux, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Sarah Cadieux, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Everything we know about the planet Earth is because of data collected empirically or experimentally. As such, to teach about our ...

"Math mini-modules" to support and focus quantitative class activities
Megan Kelly, Loyola University Chicago
Megan Kelly, Arrupe College, Loyola University Chicago I frequently ask students to work with numbers during class in one way or another. I have often operated under the assumption that students are skilled with ...

A System Approach in Teaching With Data in Hydrology
Hari Kandel, Lake Superior State University
Hari Kandel, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, Lake Superior State University One of the capabilities of a quantitatively literate college graduate as listed in 1989's definition of ...