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Helping students develop quantitative reasoning skills via classroom engagement with data
Joseph Zume, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
Joseph T. Zume, Geography & Earth Science, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania I am a firm believer in the experiential learning doctrine. I believe that, one of the most efficient ways to help students ...

The Importance of Teaching Quantitative Reasoning in Higher Education
Desiree Lonon, Savannah State University
Desiree Lonon, Chemistry & Forensic Science, Savannah State University Quantitative Reasoning "(QR) requires students to think critically and apply basic mathematics and statistics skills to interpret ...

Engaging Students in the Analysis and Interpretation of Seismic Data
Tammy Bravo, EarthScope Consortium
Tammy Bravo, Education and Outreach, IRIS Consortium The IRIS Consortium, in partnership with its member institutions and the scientific community, manages and operates comprehensive, high-quality geophysical ...

Competence and confidence and student success
Kay Bjornen, Oklahoma State University-Main Campus
Kay Kuhlemeier Bjornen, Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State University-Main Campus I believe that student success in the chemistry classes that I taught was significantly affected by a negative feedback loop of ...

From problem sets and data to basic numeracy
Glenn Kroeger, Trinity University
Glenn Kroeger, Geosciences, Trinity University All of my courses require students to work with data in order to understand fundamental geoscientific processes. My courses include an introductory Oceanography ...

Alessandro Zanazzi's Personal Experience of Teaching Quantitative Skills
Alessandro Zanazzi
Alessandro Zanazzi, Earth Science, Utah Valley University I have been teaching quantitative skills in all of my classes since I started my tenure track job at Utah Valley University (Fall 2011). I have taught ...

Building student confidence in quantitative analyses using locally-relevant ecological data sets
Jon Sweetman, North Dakota State University-Main Campus
Jon Sweetman, Biological Sciences, North Dakota State University-Main Campus One of the primary courses I teach in a general ecology class. The class is a 300-level course, often with a mix of sophomore, junior ...

Non-science majors and teaching (with) data
Mathieu Richaud, California State University-Fresno
Mathieu Richaud, Earth & Environmental Sciences, California State University-Fresno Non-science majors and teaching (with) data Mathieu Richaud At California State University, Fresno, an inland campus nested ...

Improving Quantitative Attitudes in Environmental Issues
Sue Ebanks, Savannah State University
Sue Ebanks, Marine and Environmental Sciences, Savannah State University Considering that Environmental Issues (ENVS 1140) is a course for non-science majors, there are mostly business and liberal arts and social ...

My Efforts, Ideas and Goals with Quantitative Reasoning and Data
Anita Ho, Flathead Valley Community College
Anita Ho, Geology/Geography, Flathead Valley Community College I teach geology and geography (earth science, physical geography, astronomy, environmental science, physical geology, world regional and human ...