Payment for Single Room Upgrade

The Project EDDIE grant will cover the cost of double occupancy lodging for Sunday,October 27, 28, and 29. If you would prefer a single room you may opt to upgrade and pay the difference in cost. This cost is $$70.09 per night (including taxes) . Payment must be made by September 29, 2019. No refunds will be made.

Note: The grant will not cover lodging for local participants (those from the Twin Cities or Northfield). If you would like to obtain lodging at your own expense, please contact Caroline Smith (

Online Payment with Credit Card

To pay for your upgrade with a credit card, use the secure payment form below. After you make your payment, your browser will automatically display a "thank you" message. If you land back on this page, Stripe has probably timed out and you have not paid for the single occupancy room. Please email Amy Collette (acollette at carleton dot edu) if you want to check whether your payment went through.

Mail-in Payment with Check

To pay for your room by check, make your check out to Carleton College. Send it to the address below with a clear indication of your name and the workshop you are attending:

Carleton College
Science Education Resource Center W-SERC
One North College St
Northfield, MN 55057