Goals of the workshop:

  1. Understand how working with large datasets improves quantitative reasoning in students
  2. Develop an EDDIE modules for a class you will be teaching
  3. Incorporate your module into your syllabus and schedule and develop a plan for determining students success.

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Participant Workspace

Day 1 - October 28

Complimentary breakfast at the hotel

Other options walking distance include Brick Oven Bakery, Goodbye Blue Monday coffeehouse ( This site may be offline. ) (coffee and pastries), Tandem Bagels, Little Joy (coffee and pastries), and Hideaway.

All workshop activities will take place at Carleton College, Weitz Center for Creativity Larsen room 236. The Weitz Center is 320 3rd St. East and 4 blocks or 0.4 miles from the Fairfield Inn.

8:00 am - Welcome and Workshop goals - Cailin Huyck Orr

8:15 am - Ice breaker (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 326kB Oct28 19) - Kristin O'Connell

8:35 am - EDDIE philosophy, module structure, backwards design, framed in a pedagogical approach - Catherine O'Reilly and Dax Soule

8:55 am - Gallery walk: What did you propose? - Dax Soule

10:00 am - Break. Snacks available in the Larson Room

  • Conveners will organize teams during this time

10:15 am - Formalize teams -Dax Soule

10:25 am - How we proceed/goal setting, module rubric - Catherine O'Reilly

10:35 am - Breakout groups: Outline a module

12:00 pm - Networking lunch in Sevy Hall dining hall 3 blocks or 0.3 miles from the Weitz Center

  • Hannah (student worker) will remain in the room from 11:35 until 1:15 to watch people's belongings

1:00 pm - Goals for the afternoon - Dax Soule

  • Draft your first iteration of what student success looks like, how you will decide if student have had success and begin drafting a plan for student work based on the ABC format
  • Refer to the Project EDDIE rubric if helpful.

1:10 pm - Primer on working in Serckit pages - Andrew Haveles

1:30 pm - Break out work time.

~2:30 pm - Break as needed. Snacks available in the Larson Room.

4:00 pm - Reportbacks and peer review - Dax Soule

5:20 pm - End of day remarks and Roadcheck - Cailin Huyck Orr

6:00 pm - Dinner Reunion 501 Division Street South. 4 blocks or 0.4 miles from the Weitz

The Fairfield Inn is 4 blocks or 0.4 miles from Reunion - EDDIE Workshop Map (Acrobat (PDF) 133kB Oct28 19)

Day 2

8:00 am - Opening remarks - Cailin Huyck Orr

8:10 am - Strategies and pro-tips for working with large datasets with students - Catherine O'Reilly and Dax Soule

8:50 am - Goal setting for the morning - Catherine O'Reilly

9:00 am - Continue working on modules

~10:30 am - Break as needed. Snacks available in the Larson Room.

12:00 pm - Lunch

Before you leave for lunch choose a Networking group and Sign up for Dinner

  • Brainstorming student assessments with Ellen Iverson, Ellen Altermatt and Kristin O'Connell
  • Overcoming issues of access
  • Teaching upper division
  • Teaching lower division
  • Nina (student worker) will remain in the room from 11:35 until 1:15 to watch people's belongings

1:00 pm - Goal setting for the rest of the afternoon - Catherine O'Reilly

Work time

~3:00 pm - Break as needed. Snacks available in the Larson Room.

3:45 pm - Reconvene - Look at module alignment - Cailin Huyck Orr

Partners.docx (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 12kB Oct29 19)

4:30 pm - Share your module figures - Andrew Haveles

End of day remarks and Roadcheck - Cailin Huyck Orr


  • SERC staff (Sandy and Amy) will meet you at 7:30am at the hotel to transport your bags to Weitz. You can pick up your bags at the entrance to Weitz where another friendly SERC staff will be waiting by your bags NOTE: Those with shuttle transport 3pm and later (shuttle pick up at the Fairfield) may store their bags at Fairfield.(Fairfield is aware that folks will do this).
  • Shuttles: Shuttles picking up at Weitz will pick you up at the main entrance you have been coming through.
  • EDDIE Shuttle Schedule Participants_leaving.pdf (Acrobat (PDF) 438kB Oct29 19)

6:00 pm - Dinner on the town with groups formed at lunch

Save your dinner receipts and submit them with your travel reimbursement information. If you pay for more than one person, you need to write the names of the people on the back of each receipt.

Day 3

NOTE: Be sure to check out of your hotel in the morning if you are leaving on a shuttle from the Weitz Center after lunch tomorrow

8:00 am - Morning opening - Cailin Huyck Orr

Roadcheck responses
Roadcheck from Day 2.pptx (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 40kB Oct30 19)

Resources for copyright
Resources and webinar on copyright for web authoring

Overview of Project EDDIE Earth and Ecosystems moving forward

How we get to finished, published modules

  • Module completion - when is it 'finished' and ready for piloting
  • Contracts for finishing modules
  • Timeline for piloting and publishing and what support will be provided

8:30 -10:30 am - Working time - Dax Soule and Catherine O'Reilly

At the end of this time you will need to:

  • Identify how you will use this module in a specific course in the Winter/Spring or interact with the pilot instructor you are partnered with to make sure this happens.
  • Provide the name of the module
  • Name specific author, or author partners, who will take responsibility for finishing a module draft that is ready to be piloted
    • NOTE: One stipend is available per module. Partner authors will share the stipend and the module needs to be completed for anyone to receive payment
  • Develop a plan for how remaining work will be accomplished by the team
  • Move forward with roles, communication methods, version control, how revisions will be accomplished, etc.
  • We will ask you to fill out an online form committing to finishing this module.
Module Author Information Form

10:30 am - 15 min break - Reflection questions posted

11:30 am - Group conversation - Dax Soule closing.pptx (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 504kB Oct30 19)

  • What are outstanding questions, suggestions and ideas from the group
    • How to make sure activity is part of class and not a one-off?
    • Would like to still receive feedback and give feedback, could the comment box be available or other mechanism?
    • Suggestion going forward - pull data from large data sets, to QC the data - what did data provider user
    • Could we have everyone's actual email addresses
    • Project EDDIE should produce intro OER textbook for modules full course
    • More active learning how to make that
  • What have we learned through this process
    • How long it takes to get a decent job on a three hour lab - to do for an entire course would take years
    • Codify EDDIE module gives a measure (related to previous one
    • Like interdisciplinary conversations on feedback
  • What support would be helpful moving forward
    • assessments and making sure that we are creating such including rubrics that are pedagogically sound
    • continued group support via chat room or webinar or holding my hand again
    • useful to have meet ups at society meetings even before the formal workshops for questions that may arise
    • intrigued for paper writing collab but support would be helpful
    • liked reviewing modules at workshop but only were part way would like to have this happen again
    • virtual office hours
11:40 am - Wrap up and next steps - Dax Soule and Ellen Iverson

EDDIE opportunities and project next steps
We are a community of practice

11:50 am -

12:00 pm - Box lunches will be provided

See shuttle schedule (Acrobat (PDF) 469kB Oct25 19) for departure times
Participants may stay in the Larson Room until 2:00