Theme: Structured to Guided Exploration of EDDIE Principles and Activities

8:30 Welcome and introductions

  • Workshop goals
  • Expectations

8:40 Icebreaker Activity

8:50 EDDIE Activity Walkthrough

9:45 Overview of EDDIE A-B-C Structure and Methodology

ABC structure - Dax.pptx (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 1.3MB Jul14 23)

10:00 Break

10:15 Small Group Exercise: Modifying Existing Activities

  • Groups of 3-5 participants consider how to adjust/modify an EDDIE activity to fit different educational contexts
  • Identify challenges, propose potential solutions

10:45 Report-out / Virtual "Gallery Tour"

11:00 Introduction to EDDIE Resources

  • Types of activities and topical coverage
  • Supportive learning resources
  • Navigating the collection

11:15 Day 1 Summary and Road-check

  • Homework: identify course to modify with EDDIE activity; identify learning goals that teaching with large datasets could address
  • Roadcheck

PPT Slides for Workshop - Thursday (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 56.3MB Jul12 23)


Theme: Guided to Open Exploration of EDDIE Activity Collection and Individual/Group Work Time

8:30 Welcome and Recap of Road-Check Survey

8:35 Participant Report-Out -- plans for adapting EDDIE activity

Participants will assemble in groups based on subject interest or educational setting to facilitate informal discussions.

8:50 Small Group Exercise: Modifying Existing Activities

9:20 Gallery Tour of Completed Google Jamboards

9:30 Open Exploration of EDDIE Activity Collection

  • Identify one EDDIE activity to add to a new course and/or modify an existing course
  • Make revisions to implement EDDIE activity into the course of interest
  • Project EDDIE homepage

Participants may take breaks as needed.

Shared digital spaces will be available for informal (virtual) Q & A during work time, as well as consultations with conveners.

Jamboard for Virtual Q & A

Individual / working-group independent work time -- course revisions to add an EDDIE module, or add an EDDIE module to a new/upcoming course

11:10 Summary of Progress

  • Development of action plan(s)
  • Final thoughts from leaders and participants

11:20 Final Workshop Evaluation

Additional Resources

Teaching with EDDIE: Best Practices and Pro Tips


Project EDDIE Module Development Process