American Meteorological Society Education Initiatives: Earth Science Literacy for All!

Thursday 3:15pm Tate 105
Oral Session Part of Thursday B: Teaching Online


Wendy Abshire, American Meteorological Society
Elizabeth Mills, American Meteorological Society

For 30+ years the AMS Education Program has offered educators nationwide professional development opportunities in weather, water, and climate science. As a K-13 initiative, the Program exists to foster Earth system science literacy with a focus on leveraging data as a learning tool. AMS courses also help build the foundation for a society more resilient to environmental hazards. Grants from NOAA, ONR, NASA, and NSF, corporate sponsorship, internal funding, and member donations support this mission and underpin the AMS strategic goals of working to:
- build knowledge of the atmospheric and related sciences among varied audiences, and 
-cultivate a talented, diverse, and enthusiastic workforce in the professions served by the AMS.

Education Program activities in support of these goals are focused in two areas: 1) preparing K-12 teachers to be competent and confident to teach these subjects and include near real-time Earth science data in their curriculum, and 2) offering digital curriculum packages for undergraduate faculty to adopt and offer in introductory courses in weather, ocean, and climate science.

In partnership with an accredited university, AMS Education offers teachers five, and soon six three-credit tuition-free graduate courses in weather, ocean, and climate science ( Successful completion of any two courses makes participants eligible to apply to become a Certified AMS Teacher (

In addition to these professional development courses, the AMS supports the growing atmospheric science education research (ASER) community and offers webinars and teacher travel grants to engage in the AMS Annual Meeting Education Conference. For those seeking a less formal engagement, the new AMS Weather Band community supports weather enthusiasts of all ages ( This presentation will provide more information about all these programs, including their impact and effectiveness.

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