Workshop Program 2022

Our workshop has been formatted to reflect the best practices in Universal/Inclusive Design for Learning (UDL/UDI). Our workshop will be held in person following this daily schedule:

Prior to Workshop (Registered Participants Please Check Email 06 July):

__Complete the Pre-Workshop Survey.

__Complete the Pre-Workshop ACTIVITIES (please monitor your email used for EER registration regarding access to materials).

o We will use a Canvas Course Management Portal with you pre- and during sessions. Please monitor for Canvas invite at e-mail address provided when you registered for EER. Access sooner than later (before Monday 1st session).

o Meet & Greet Option [Recommend completion by Sunday 10 July or earlier.]

o There will be selected readings provided, with the request that you select 2. Complete your chosen readings then bring 5 notable points from each for use during the workshop. [Prepare before Tuesday session.]

o Select one activity you do within the geosciences education community (e.g. formal class-based learning spaces and/or informal learning spaces) to access during the workshop. Please bring one copy with you or have reliable digital access to for workshop activities we do as an individual or in small group format. [Have available by first session on 11 July.]

**Please bring a WIFI-enabled laptop or other digital device that can use a variety of file formats (Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Adobe Portable Documents, and standard Image formats) . We will use in person and web-based resources throughout our three mornings together.  Also bring personal headset or earbuds or other hardware/software needed, as you will more than likely need during some online access activities.**


Monday 11 July  (Day 1 / 8:30 am - 11:30 am CST)

08:30 Introductions, Workshop Orientation and Community Guidelines [Facilitation Team]

09:00 Learning Experience Group Activity [Laura]

09:30 Introduction to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) [Jennifer]

10:00 Bio Break

10:15 UDL Guidelines: Engagement [Laura]

11:20 Daily Wrap Up

11:30 Adjourn Day 1


Tuesday 12 July (Day 2 / 8:30 am - 11:30 am CST)

08:30 Welcome Back and Day 2 Overview [Team]

08:45 UDL Guidelines: Representation [Wendi]

09:45 Bio Break

10:00 UDL Guidelines: Action & Expression [Jennifer]

10:50 Disability Accessibility Strategies (Embedded and Stand Alone) [Wendi]

11:20 Daily Wrap Up (Includes Participant Registration Preparation for Wednesday / Heather Guide)

11:30 Adjourn Day 2


Wednesday 13 July (Day 3 / 8:30 am - 11:30 am CST)

08:30 Welcome Back and Day 3 Overview

08:45 Disability Accessibility Strategies (Embedded and Stand Alone) [Wendi]

09:45 Bio Break

10:00 UDL Case Study Introduction: New IRIS Module [Heather]

10:20 IRIS Module Activity and Reflection [Heather]

11:15 Final Workshop Reflection and Evaluation

11:30 Adjourn Day 3


Thank you for participating.

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