Re-Making Models

Wednesday 12:00-1:00pm PT / 1:00-2:00pm MT / 2:00-3:00pm CT / 3:00-4:00pm ET Online
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During the Share-a-Thon, I will present some of the re-makes I have made over the past two years, demonstrate some of the free and open-source CAD software, and discuss other re-makes the audience are interested in using in their classrooms.


A physical model can be a helpful resource in the science classroom. In the past, many physical models were made from building materials, such as wood and metal, and educators would share their designs in textbooks and journals. As modern manufacturing technology and software become more available and easier to use in educational institutions, it may be a good time for educators and curriculum designers to revisit the literature and start "re-making." With free and open-source computer-aided design (CAD) software, designs can be improved and shared on the web for teachers and students to produce with 3D printers.


The range varies depending on the model and the instructor's needs. Since the models can be printed over and over, the instructor can split the class into groups or do a simple lecture demonstration. The instructor can also involve the students in the re-making process.

Why It Works

- Involving the students in the re-making process can be a way to help improve students' understanding of the concepts and topics (see Penner, 2001).
- Having multiple copies of a model could allow for the student to have more time with the model.
- If a part breaks, it can be reprinted. Thus, re-making can be a sustainable and cost-effective approach to supporting science education.

Presentation Media

Re-Making Models Examples Handout (Acrobat (PDF) 3.6MB Jul9 20)

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