A Middle School CER Argumentative Inquiry Lab as introduction to Relative Humidity

Wednesday 1:52 PT / 2:52 MT / 3:52 CT / 4:52 ET Online
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Katina White, Forest Heights Middle school
Dr. Marico Bryant-Howe, University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College
CONSTANCE MEADORS, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff


This demonstration will provide an example of a middle school CER inquiry lab where students will establish a set of procedures that will lead them through an investigation of relative humidity. Second, we will work on a strategy for providing claim, evidence, and reasoning statements.


I will demonstrate a CER Argumentative Inquiry lab that helps students construct their own definition of the relationship between air temperature and the amount of water the atmosphere can hold.


In science, we pose questions, make claims, gather evidence, and engage in argumentative discussion while also utilizing experimental design. This is often a hard concept that isn't traditionally introduced until high school or college. This activity provides a strategy that middle school educators can use to engage students in argumentative dialogue while also introducing earth science concepts.

Why It Works

This activity provides the opportunity for students to discuss ideas about the analogy of relative humidity. It also provides a way for middle school students to engage in creating their own authentic experimental design outside of the traditional teacher led laboratory experience. Through the use of CER argumentative practices, it helps to improve middle school students conceptions of relative humidity while also requiring students to create their own set of procedures to test a hypothesis.

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