Building Better Graphs for Climate Change Communication: Perceptions of Credibility

Thursday 1:45pm TSU - Humphries: 221


Steph Courtney, Auburn University Main Campus
karen mcneal, Auburn University Main Campus
Climate change mitigation will require public support and participation, and scientists often communicate to the public about climate change with visualizations such as graphs. However, there is limited existing research exploring how the use of graphs may affect the public or how to improve our communication efforts. In this study, we compared original IPCC SPM graphs to redesigns of the same data to investigate participant use and perceptions of the design changes. Participants were undergraduates with low climate knowledge and low climate change risk assessment. Methods included usability-based eye-tracking, pre/post-survey, interview, and a ranking activity. Participants were in high agreement around perceptions of credibility of the graphs and referenced both features of the graphs and perceptions of science/scientists to make their decisions.

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