Digital Teaching Networks for Earth and Space Science Education

Friday 1:30pm-2:45pm Burge Union Forum C/D
Round Table Discussion


Ariel Anbar, Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus

AGU, NAGT and the Center for Education Through Exploration at Arizona State University are developing a program to enable the geosciences community to create, distribute, modify, and support adaptive digital learning experiences for Earth and Space Science undergraduate education. This digital teaching network will facilitate a community-based process to develop digital resources that capitalize on the latest educational technologies to support individualized, independent learning at low cost.

Experiences will be developed by teams that bring together Earth and Space Science expertise, pedagogic expertise, and technical expertise in development of digital learning experiences. They will incorporate exploratory learning using a "guided discovery" design that makes use of authentic science practices and tutoring via adaptive feedback.

An initial pilot project will focus on immersive virtual field experiences. Ariel Anbar (AGU/ASU) and Callan Bentley (AGU/NAGT) bring prior work in the development of digital materials for virtual field exploration, including adaptive technologies and learning design. The team-based process will foster engagement of AGU and NAGT members and draw on the experiences of the SERC/InteGrate team based, rubric-guided materials development model.

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