Pre-workshop Activity:

This workshop will utilize information from your institution and regional environmental issues that you can incorporate into a EJ (Environmental Justice) activity. Prior to the workshop, please consider collecting the following data from your institution and region.

1. Describe the age, race/ethnicity, socio-economic background of your students attending your classes. These factors often play a significant role in how students conceptualize issues that are important in teaching EJ concepts.

2. Identify up to three environmental issues that can be found in your region that students would be familiar with.




11:30 Adjourn for the day


8:30 - 11:30


  • Overview of previous day material and discussions
  • Successful assessment techniques for EJ
  • Panel discussion on the challenges and successes in incorporating EJ into a Earth Science course.
  • Tuesday Roadcheck


8:30 - 11:15 Workshop evaluation


Additional Resources

Contributed by Wendi Williams:
The example mentioning Haiti made me think of Penn State's 4-part "Geospatial Revolution" streaming videos. Each are about 10 minutes long with professional captioning. If you go to YouTube for Geospatial Revolution:

Episodes 1 and 4 have very clear geosci applications...*but*, the other episodes really do show applications that I think are broad EJ applications that "capture" students interests and possible connection to what they want to major in (e.g. criminal justice, business, teacher, etc).

Contributed by Amy Telligman: