Initial Publication Date: December 12, 2005

Climate Change Collection Resources

Summary of Climate Change Collection

Children's Misconceptions about Weather: A Review of the Literature (NARST) 4 stars

General Information
United Nations Vital Climate Graphics (UNESCO) 5 stars
Planet Under Pressure (BBC) 5 stars
NOAA Paleo Perspective on Global Warming (NOAA) 4.5 stars
Global Environment Global Warming Materials for Educators (Union of Concerned Scientists) 4 stars
Global Warming Facts and Our Future ( National Academy of Sciences) 4 stars

Timescales of Weather and Climate
Differences Between Climate and Weather (UCAR)4 stars

Climate Variability
Climate Time Machine Activity- Pollen (Maine Detp. of Education/UCAR/EPA) 5 stars
Climate Variability (UCAR) 4.5 stars
Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2: A Record of Change (Wright Center for Science Education) 4 stars
Time and Cycles: Dendrochronology (UCAR) 4 stars
Statistics of U.S. Historical Climate Network: PC& Mac (SERC/ Carleton College) 4 stars
Earth Exploration Toolkit: Regional Climate Change (SERC/TERC) 4 stars

Greenhouse Effect
What Factors Impact A Greenhouse (UCAR) 4 stars
True Color MODIS Albedo Image Improves Climate Modeling (NASA Goddard) 4 stars
What Factors Impact a Greenhouse? (UCAR) 4 stars
Bad Greenhouse (Prof. Alistair Fraser- Penn State) 3.5 stars
The Greenhouse Effect in a Jar (The Franklin Institute) 3.5 stars

Energy Balance
Atmospheric Processes Radiation (UCAR Project Learn) 5 stars
Ocean Surface Topography from Space (NASA Oceanography) 4 stars

Global Warming Project- Carbo Module (NASA- LETUS) 4.5 stars
Greenhouse Gas Online (Dr. Dave Reay) 4.5 stars
Carbon Cycle in the Lab (Royal Society of Chemistry) 4.5 stars
Where In the World Is Carbon Dioxide? (UCAR- LEARN)4.5 stars
Trends Online: Data on Global Change (Oak Ridge National Lab 4 stars
Analyzing Greenhouse & Global Temperature Data Over Time (NASA)4 stars
What Is the Carbon Cycle? (UCAR) 4 stars
Carbon Cycle (NASA Earth Observatory) 4 stars
Carbon Dioxide: The Heat Is On (Teachers Exploring Antarctica) 3.5 stars
Recognizing Forests Role in Climate Change (Union of Concerned Scientists) 3.5 stars

Carbon Calculator
Climate Change Calculator (American Forests) 4.5 stars
Carbon Efficiency Stats (NationMaster) 4 stars

Abrupt Climate Change
The Discovery of Rapid Climate Change (Physics Today) 4 stars
Abrupt Climate Change (Woods Hole Institute) 4 stars

Regional Impacts
Global Climate Change- Wheat (NASA Classroom of the Futue) 4 stars
Grinnell Glacier Recession (Wright Center for Science Education) 4 stars
Global Warming Impacts (EPA) 3.5 stars

Social Impacts
Inuit Observations on Climate Change (International Institute for Sustainable Development) 4 stars

Beyond the Bite: Mosquitoes and Malaria (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies) 4.5 stars

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 4 stars