Initial Publication Date: December 12, 2005

Name of Resource: Recognizing Forests Role in Climate Change
Climate Change Theme: Carbon
Sponsoring Organization: Union of Concerned Scientists
Intended use: Background Material
Intended audience: Educators and Learners
Average Review Ratings (Poor to Excellent, 1-5 scale): 3.5 stars

Description: The site provides an in-depth discussion of current and needed policy for impacting the role of forests in climate change. Students who want to connect information on climate change (provided they already understand basic concepts) may greatly benefit from the carefully presented arguments about policy needs to address climate change compared to current policies and government proposals. (KB)

Summary of Reviews

Reviewer: Carrie Morrill 4 stars

Reviewer: Kirsten Butcher 3.5 stars
Comments: My concerns are that the resource does very little to attempt to promote student learning or engagement. It primarily provides online access to text information that may be useful to learners with the right motivation and background knowledge. That being said, I think the information on the site is very useful and important.
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Reviewer: Ellen DeBacker 3 stars
Comments: Good background information on forests and how the Kyoto agreement and world policy fits in with forest management. Does use some terminology that is specific to the situation, so would be hard if you gave to students to look at.
Read entire review: link text (Acrobat (PDF) 45kB Jun21 05)