Initial Publication Date: December 12, 2005

Name of Resource: Inuit Observations on Climate Change
Climate Change Theme: Social Impacts
Sponsoring Organization: International Institute for Sustainable Development
Intended use: Background Material, Learning Activity
Intended audience: Educators and Learners
Average Review Ratings (Poor to Excellent, 1-5 scale): 4 stars

Description: There is a wealth of information at this site and is very well thought out. This would be a great interdisciplinary activity/unit especially due to its large volume of activities. It fits well with a study of Canada. It is looking at climate change based on observations/interviews of the Inuit people and looking at climate change from the Inuit values and perspectives not traditional western scientific approaches. (RC)

Summary of Reviews

Reviewer: Carrie Morrill 4 stars

Reviewer: Robert Croft 4 stars
Comments: This site gives a unique perspective of climate change. The science is Inuit science not western science as we think of it. However, it does give an accurate state of affairs as to what is happening on Banks Island in Canada's High Arctic.
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