sunset.jpg The Climate Change Collection is a suite of science education web-based resources covering natural climate dynamics as well as human impacts on the climate system.

Developed by a team of science teachers, climate scientists and learning experts who reviewed hundreds of resources for accuracy and effectiveness, the collection includes background materials, high-quality web portals, classroom activities, and reseach on misconceptions about weather and climate.

Each resource has a summary review which links to the individual "scorecards" written by the reviewers. View a summary of the collection

The climate system is complex, with uncertainties and unknowns that scientists continue to study. However, much is known about the system and how it works. The digital resources in this collection represent the mere tip of the iceberg in terms of the breadth and depth of knowledge about climate over varying time scales. They are meant as an initial overview of what is known about the changing climate and its fundamental dynamics.

Gaps in this collection that we intend to fill in the future include a focus on seasonality as an essential element of climate (and how the axial tilt is the "reason for the seasons,") and important decadal-scale processes, such as ENSO.

See A Note on Climate Change for a discussion of what climate change is...and isn't. Feedback is always appreciated.

Mark S. McCaffrey
Science Communication Specialist
The Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science (CIRES)
The University of Colorado- Boulder

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