Initial Publication Date: December 12, 2005

Name of Resource: Trends Online: Data on Global Change
Climate Change Theme: Greenhouse, Carbon 
Sponsoring Organization: Oak Ridge National Lab- Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center 
Intended use:Background Material, Learning Activity 
Intended audience:Educators and Learners
Average Review Ratings (Poor to Excellent, 1-5 scale): 4 stars

Description:This site is a great source for climate data, but it is not designed with educators as the audience. Educators using this site need some background knowledge and experience with accessing and using online data. I use sites like these to find authentic scientific data that my students can graph and analyze. (JG)

Summary of Reviews 

Reviewer: Carrie Morrill 4 stars
Comments:Site contains raw data and graphs of (1) atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases through time and (2) emissions of greenhouse gases by countries and states. Would be nice to see more activities to go along with these data, although sometimes the data are difficult to interpret (too many confounding factors). Data selections on temperature, clouds and ecosystems extremely limited, to the point of giving an inaccurate representation of data available on these subjects.
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Reviewer: Jack Ganse 4 stars
Comments:Educators who are intent on exploring global climate and climate change seriously should consider using this site and the data it contains. This site illustrates the process of research science well. Any educator who wishes to understand climate and climate change at the scientific level should spend time exploring this site. Novice educators can certainly harvest a wealth of graphics from this site while more experienced educators can access and use the digital data with their students. The research background material is excellent for learning more about the science.
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