Initial Publication Date: December 12, 2005

Name of Resource: Environment Statistics
Climate Change Theme: Carbon
Sponsoring Organization: Nation Master
Intended use: Background Material, Learning Activity
Intended audience: Educators and Learners
Average Review Ratings (Poor to Excellent, 1-5 scale): 4 stars

Description: This site allows students to find information about various countries around the world and to create graphs that compare various items, such as CO2 and NOx production. Good for comparative background information of sources of differing pollutants.

Summary of Reviews

Reviewer: Kirsten Butcher 4 stars
Comments: Overall, this is a useful site in which students can explore statistical information on a variety of topics organized by nations. Environmental data is included (e.g., CO2 emissions, CO2 pollution) but educators will need to support students in building their understanding of different data types (e.g., what is an "ecological footprint") so that they can complete meaningful comparisons and create meaningful graphs. Some educators may find the available environmental statistics to be limited—information like temperature and rainfall is not included. Educators will want to become familiar with the data types and the options for exploration before turning their students loose on the site—the options can be dizzying and some students may have trouble developing useful representations.
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Reviewer: Ellen DeBacker4 stars
Comments: This site would be a wonderful resource for students when they are comparing the impact of various regions of the world on the global warming problem. Choices are available for multiple factors in the global warming issue, from CO2 and NOx emissions to land cover. These choices can then be graphed by the countries of choice to see the differing impacts. This would be a good site to create graphs for use in presentations that would help back up experimental findings of the students.
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