Workshop on Engaging Faculty: Resources for Change

SMTI National Conference


Presentations and Abstracts

SMTI National Conference and Workshop on Engaging Faculty Speaker Bios

Workshop on Engaging Faculty


Susan Rundell Singer, National Science Foundation. Accelerating Improvement in STEM Learning in Higher Education.

Steven Pollock, University of Colorado Boulder. A research-validated approach to transforming upper-division physics.

Jodi L. Wesemann, American Chemical Society. Sources of Knowledge, Persuasion, and Support for Reforming Upper Division Course.

Eric Brewe, Florida International University. SMTI-Partnerships in Evidence Based Practice.

Charles Henderson, Western Michigan University. Understanding Institutional Change.

Gabriela Weaver, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Resources in Chemistry Curricular Innovations.

Kacy Redd, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities and Noah Finkelstein, University of Colorado Boulder. Resources and Tools.