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Collections of Visualizations on Geoscience Topics

Browse through our collections of visualizations on geoscience topics. Each collection page is targeted at a topic that could be addressed in one or just a few class periods. Many of these pages reside in other parts of the On The Cutting Edge website so don't be surprised if the page looks different when you click on one of the links.

Use the search box to find visualizations on the topic of your choice. You can also browse through all the individual visualizations.

If you know of additional resources to add to one of the collections or have a topic you'd like to see a collect for, use our Feedback box to let us know.


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Carbon Cycle Visualizations part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Biocomplexity:Visualizations
Complied by Laurie Cantwell, Montana State University/SERC Animations, images, graphs and photos that can be used to describe how carbon cycles through the biosphere and lithosphere. Click here to browse the ...

Maps and Mapping part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Structural Geology:Visualizations
Compiled by Monica Bruckner at the Science Education Resource Center (SERC), Carleton College. The following visualizations involve maps and mapping. Visualizations include maps and online and downloadable ...

Mantle Plumes and Convection Visualizations part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Deep Earth:Visualization Collectons
Compiled by John McDaris of SERC. These animations and images are examples of the current state of knowledge and research into the nature of mantle convection and the origins of plumes. The complete set of ...

Atmospheric Pressure and Wind Animations part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Hurricanes-Climate Change Connection:Visualizations
These animations for global wind patterns, global atmospheric circulation, coriolis effect, and sea and land breezes.

Sedimentary Rock Type Visualizations part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Sedimentary Geology:Visualizations
Photo Collections Sedimentary Rock Photos from Marli Miller, University of Oregon. A collection of beautiful outcrop photographs of various sedimentary rock types. Clastic Cross-bedded sandstone from Utah, ...

Geologic Time part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Rates and Time:Visualizations
This section highlights animations, images, interactive graphics and videos used to teach the concept of geologic time in an introductory geology course. Visualizations cover the specific topics of earth history, relative age dating and life through geologic time.

Uplift and Erosion part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Structural Geology:Visualizations
This section provides access to a number of visualizations illustrating the physical processes interacting to create mountain uplift and erosion. Visualizations include simple animations, experimental models, visual output from numerical models, as well as static diagrams and photos.

Sequence Stratigraphy part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Sedimentary Geology:Visualizations
Sequence stratigraphy takes a genetic approach to the examination and interpretation of sedimentary strata. This section investigates the topic of sequence stratigraphy utilizing a combination of linked text, images (stills and animated), and short videos.

Soil Erosion part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Geomorphology:Visualizations
Find animations of soil erosion. There are also Depression Era audio files recounting the Dust Bowl and images of soils.

Rocky Coastlines and Erosional Landforms part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Geomorphology:Visualizations
Find animations illustrating how the erosional landforms like cliffs, arches, and stacks form.