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Example of predictive video used in an Oceanography class  

This post was editted by Phuoc Huynh on Apr, 2017
I wanted to share one of my predictive videos that I use in my online Oceanography class.

1) Students watch Part 1 of the video (requires Microsoft Silverlight to view):
2) Students must write about what they think will happen next and predict what will happen in Part 2.
3) Only after they submit their prediction does the system release Part 2:

I don't grade student responses, but I do read them. Sometimes, you can almost see the gears turning in student's heads as they write their responses. I've noticed that this method increases student involvement in the videos, rather than students being just passive observers.


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Seems like there are a number of participants in this workshop who do similar things with their video (based on surveys). Will be nice to get a set of links we can use to share these with each other. :)


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