Workshop Participants


David Mogk, Montana State University- Bozeman
Michael Wysession, Washington University in St Louis
Allison Beauregard, Northwest Florida State College
Linda Reinen, Pomona College
Kathy Surpless, Trinity University


Tania Anders, Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi, Physical and Environmental Sciences

Activity: The Mini-Sedimentologist

Juk Bhattacharyya, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Geography and Geology

Activity: Student-designed Authentic Research Projects in a Non-major Environmental Geology Course

Mark Boryta, Mt. San Antonio College, Earth Sciences and Astronomy

Carsten Braun, Westfield State University, Geography and Regional Planning

Activity: Library Research Lab: Does the Ozone Hole cause Global Warming?

Marianne Caldwell, Hillsborough Community College, Geoscience

Activity: Water Sampling Activity

Cinzia Cervato, Iowa State University

Activity: Groundwater wells

Mladen Dordevic, James Madison University, Geology and Environmental Science

Activity: Geologic Mapping in Google Earth: Tools and Challenges

Richard Dunning, Normandale Community College, Geography and Geology

Gayle Gleason, SUNY Cortland, Geology

Activity: Predicting Radon levels in homes based on geology

Laura Guertin, Penn State Brandywine, Earth Science

Activity: Examining Short-Term Tree Growth and Environmental Variables near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kim Hannula, Fort Lewis College, Department of Geoscience

Activity: Florida River Project - individual and group research project

Jennifer Hargrave, Southern Utah University, Physical Science

Activity: Building a Local Stratigraphic Column: A research-based assignment fro an introductory course

Kathryn Hoppe, Green River Community College, Geology and Oceanography

Activity: Introduction to Science - Penny Histograms

Beth Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, Geography and Geology

Activity: Determining slope movement and water contamination of quicklime deposits along Lake Winnebago, High Cliff State Park, Wisconsin

David Kobilka, Central Lakes College-Brainerd, Geoscience

Activity: Writing a hypothesis and designing an experiment for a high altitude balloon flight

Karen Kortz, Community College of Rhode Island, Physics

Activity: Geoscience Education Research Project

Erin Kraal, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Physical Sciences

Activity: Semester Long Martian Research Project

Kaatje Kraft, Mesa Community College, Physical Science

Activity: Developing Student Ability to Ask Scientific Questions

Sam Matson, Boise State University, Geosciences

Activity: Stratigraphic Architecture of Table Rock, Boise, Idaho

Eileen McGowan, Springfield College, MPCS

Activity: Starting a research project for a new environmental science major

Christine Puskas, UNAVCO, Education and Community Engagement

Activity: Explore natural hazards in seismically active regions using geodetic, earthquake, and societal data

Avery Shinneman, University of Washington-Bothell Campus, IAS

Activity: Introduction to Scientific Journals

Suki Smaglik, Central Wyoming College, Health & Science

Activity: Genomics of microbial communities in Thermopolis Hot Springs

John Taber, IRIS Consortium, Education and Public Outreach Program

Activity: Earthquake Hazards: The Next Big One?

Michael Toomey, University of Texas at Austin, The, Jackson School of Geosciences

Activity: Using a simple reef model to constrain tectonic history of carbonate islands

Deanna van Dijk, Calvin College, Department of Geology, Geography and Environmental Studies

Activity: Building Content Knowledge in a Student Research Team

David Voorhees, Waubonsee Community College, Earth Science

Activity: Aurora Mastodont Project - Matrix Analysis Project

Becca Walker, Mt San Antonio College, Earth Sciences and Astronomy

Debra Woodall, Daytona Beach Community College, Science

Activity: Intro to Graphing