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Intro to Environmental Geology Writing Assignment
Mary Savina, Carleton College
Students in an introductory environmental geology class research the Dust Bowl, analyze information and data and develop a written argument.

Take home final, using FossilPlot
Leif Tapanila, University of Utah
Final exam take-home assignment uses FossilPlot to access the Sepkoski Database to identify patterns of extinction and survival that allow the student to develop an argument for a naturalistic cause of a mass ...

Assessing Conceptual Understanding of Geologic Time
Francis Jones, University of British Columbia
This is one attempt to produce a validated concept inventory about geological time. Nineteen questions are multiple choice, one requires a point-form list of events to explain a geologic cross section. Key concepts ...

Using Student-Created Metaphors to Assess Comprehension of Geologic Time
Roger Steinberg, Del Mar College
At Del Mar College, we are now officially assessing the comprehension of the immensity of geologic time by our Historical Geology students. This is one of six Geology Program student learning outcomes that we ...

Concept Sketch Based Assessment
Joann Labs, Lone Star College System, The
This is Exam 2 for my Physical Geology course. It covers chapters that pertain to geologic time, the Earth's interior, earthquakes, and deformation of rocks.

Knowledge Survey Questions - Historical Geology
Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 1 How old is the Earth? Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 2 Compare and contrast igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Describe the basic properties of sedimentary rocks that are ...

Wheel of... Geology!
Rebecca Teed, Wright State University-Main Campus
This quiz game is intended to help students review for an upcoming exam. Topics of questions are randomly determined by spinning a wheel. Teams answer questions using electronic CPS handhelds. -

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