Lyal Harris

Authors: Lyal Harris
Title: Interactions between regional transcurrent shearing, rifting, and mantle flow on Venus ‒ radar and gravity interpretations and Earth analogues
Abstract: Structures formed during indentation and lateral escape in Ishtar Terra on Venus (a planet without plate tectonics) form part of a regional shear system interpreted from Bouguer gravity and resemble the Himalayas or Eastern Alps on Earth. The large displacements of areas of continent-like crust are interpreted to result from mantle tractions / pressure acting against their deep lithospheric mantle 'keels' commensurate with mantle plume-related extension in adjacent rifts. This new perspective of Venus provides an analogue for an Archean Earth without plate tectonics.
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Harris, L.B & Bédard, J.H. (2014b) Interactions between continent-like 'drift', rifting, and mantle flow on Venus ‒ gravity interpretations and Earth analogues. In: Platz, T., Massironi, M., Byrne, P., & Hiesinger, H. (Eds), Volcanism and Tectonism Across the Inner Solar System. Geological Society of London Special Publication 401, doi: 10.1144/SP401.9

Related publications:
Bédard, J.H., Harris, L.B., Thurston, P. (2013) The hunting of the snArc. Precamb. Res. 229: 20–48

Harris, L.B., Bédard, J.H. (2014a) Crustal evolution and deformation in a non-plate tectonic Archaean Earth: Comparisons with Venus. In: Dilek Y, Furnes H (Eds), Evolution of Archean Crust and Early Life, Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences 7, Springer, Chapter 9, 215-288. ISBN 978-94-007-7614-2 & ISBN 978-94-007-7615-9 (eBook)

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