Initial Publication Date: October 11, 2012

Sediment Deposition and Facies in Beach and Marine Environments

River Deltas

Sedimentary geology playlist ( This site may be offline. ) from Dawn Sumner at University of California at Davis includes a video lecture on Deltas.
Deltas: NASA's 'Earth from Space' Astronaut Photos. (more info) A collection of 119 photographs taken from space by NASA astronauts illustrate different river deltas around the world. Follow link, highlight 'DELTAS' under 'Available View', and click on 'Start Search'.

Ganges River Delta (more info) This Landsat-7 false-color composite image shows sediment from the Ganges River as it flows through the Sunderbans, which refers the delta area, and into the Bay of Bengal.
Educational animations ( This site may be offline. ) from The Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS). Low Gradient Delta Evolution and 3D Delta Formation- are computer models of delta formations from Irina Overeem. Braided Streams in an experimental fan delta laboratory video from Gary Parker. Delta in a Fluvial system laboratory video from Erica Powell. Shorline Transgression & Regression laboratory video from Chris Paoloa.
Experimental Earthscape (XES) Delta Basin Movie was created by the University of Minnesota Geology and Geophysics group at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. The Experimental Earthscape Facility (or XES or Jurassic Tank) is a laboratory analogue to river and delta conditions. This Delta Basin experiment was exploring the effects of the Froude number on fan geomorphology and stratigraphy.
Experimental Shoreline Transgression and Regression (MP4 Video 16.4MB Jan24 12) Experimental Alluvial Fan (MP4 Video 16.3MB Jan24 12) videos from Chris Paola at the University of Minnesota Geology and Geophysics group at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. Both videos are from the Experimental Earthscape Facility. These videos are provided in a larger Sediment Transport Movies ( This site may be offline. ) from Paul Heller (University of Wyoming).

Longshore Drift

Thumbnail image of spit evolution
Coastal Animations This set of animations from the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS) group contains movies of various coastal processes including several animations of longshore processes. Movies include Alongshore Sandwaves, cuspate shoreline, longshore sediment deposition, and spit evolution among others.

Simple Longshore Animations (more info) are a small collection from McGraw Hill depicting: Seasonal Beach Deposition Patterns, Longshore Drift of Sand, Spits and Baymouth Bar Formation, and Coastal Straightening.

Land Loss Animations of Coastal Louisiana by County- view animations of the coastline from USGS-NWRC data, 1953-1993.

Marli Miller, University of Oregon, provides beautiful photographs of Spits and Sandy Coastlines. Search more photos at Miller's Earth Science Photography site (more info)