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Sequence Stratigraphy

Compiled by Jeff Crabaugh at Carleton College (more info) (SERC) and the University of Wyoming

Sequence Stratigraphy: An Overview

Sequence Stratigraphy- Univ. of South Carolina. (more info) Website of Christopher G. St. C. Kendall at the University of South Carolina, this website contains numerous still images and interactive animations of sedimentary basin filling, as well as a 'chalktalk' video lecture on the relation of stratigraphic geometry and sea-level change.

Univ. of Georgia: An Online Guide to Sequence Stratigraphy. (more info) This site, created by Steve Holland at the University of Georgia, constitutes a concise, clear overview of the discipline of sequence stratigraphy. The major concepts are simply illustrated with static images and explanatory text. Topics covered include accommodation, parasequences, stacking patterns, sequences, surfaces, type I vs. type II sequence boundaries, chronostratigraphy and applications to clastic and carbonate systems. A list of recommended readings is also included.

Processes and Products

Sedpak Sequence Stratigraphy Simulations offers a page of animations of various sedimentary environments produced by the 'Sedpak' software. Sedpack can also be downloaded to create your own sequence stratigraphic movies, but requires a PC under Redhat Linux Version 8.0 or 9.0.

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