Sarah Johnson,
Northern Kentucky University


We collect & analyze data on karst, glacial, slope, and fluvial processes and landforms on several field trips in the vicinity. Processes and landforms beyond our field trip range including tectonic, volcanic, coastal and glacial landforms will also be studied. Skills learned may include using air photos, topographic maps, DEMs, geologic maps, collecting orientation data with a compass, collecting survey data with a total station, google earth, excel, modeling slope stability with SLOPE/W.

Course Size:

Institution Type:
Public four-year institution, primarily undergraduate

Course Context:

This is a required course for all geology majors. The prerequisite is one introductory geology course.


  • Students complete 2-3 class projects
  • Students complete 8-9 lab activities
  • Students complete 1 independent group project
  • Students have 3 exams


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