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These course descriptions were submitted by workshop participants. Click here to see the full Cutting Edge collection of Course Descriptions.

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Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Kyle Fredrick, California University of Pennsylvania
EAS 423 is an upper-level course required for majors in Geology and recommended for majors in Environmental Earth Science at our institution. The main topis are recognition and description of sedimentary rocks, ...

The Earth's Record of Climate
Kevin Theissen, University of St. Thomas (MN)
In this course students explore the Earth's climate system and the climatic changes that have occurred during the history of the planet. Students get a hands-on introduction to the collection, analysis,and ...

Sarah Johnson, Northern Kentucky University
We collect & analyze data on karst, glacial, slope, and fluvial processes and landforms on several field trips in the vicinity. Processes and landforms beyond our field trip range including tectonic, volcanic, ...

Desert Landscapes and Dynamics
James King, University of Montreal
This course is designed as a 15-week 3-hour per week lecture and in-class lab focused on the group-learning of desert landscape processes, its interaction with humans, and dynamics with past and future climates. It ...

Karen Gran, University of Minnesota-Duluth
Geomorphology is a mid-level core geology course, required for geology majors and minors. I teach it as a primarily field-based lab course, with one 4-hour lab and 2-50 minute lectures each week. One of my goals is ...

Process Geomorphology
Alec Aitken, University of Saskatchewan
The description and objective classification of landforms and the principles and processes involved in their origin and distribution. The role of weathering, mass movement, fluvial, glacial, aeolian and coastal ...

Marine Sediment Transport
Lonnie Leithold, North Carolina State University
This course is designed as an introduction to the theory and reality of sediment transport in the marine environment. The course includes both lectures and laboratory experiments that investigate the processes that ...

Intro to Global Change
Erica Bigio, The University of Arizona
This is primarily a lecture-based class. Yet, we do hands on in-class activities as teams or small groups every other week.

Elizabeth Rhenberg, Ohio State University-Main Campus
The course will teach the nature of the fossil record and how they are used in study of the history of the earth. Topics will include preservation, functional morphology, paleoecology, and systmatics among others. ...

Sedimentary Geology GEOL 330
Janis Treworgy, Principia College
The course covers the many aspects of sedimentary rocks – petrography of sedimentary rocks, sedimentary processes, depositional environments, facies analysis, and principles of stratigraphy. Practical skills are ...

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