Imaging and Analysis Lab

Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)

Contact Information

Anne Argast


Fort Wayne


Instrument Type

SEM scanning electron microscope
EDS energy dispersive spectrometer
EMPA electron microprobe; wavelength dispersive spectrometers

Hitachi S3400N SEM, Oxford X-Max 80 EDS, Oxford Wave 450 WDS


Typical Use:

The lab can perform a wide range of operations typical for geology including imaging in SE/BSE and analysis of polished specimens by ED and WD spectroscopy.

Conditions for Use:

  • Submitted samples will be analyzed on a contract basis (i.e. lab personnel will do the work)
  • Visitors are invited to work in the lab to work with lab personnel
  • Visitors are invited to work in the lab to design and do the work yourself
  • We are especially happy to serve the needs of geologists from smaller institutions anywhere within travel distance of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

User Fees:

We prefer that visitors do the work themselves at a rate of $30/hr. Lower rates may be available in some situations.

Instrument Priorities:

Class use has priority, otherwise first-come, first-served. Given enough lead time we can block out entire days to accommodate visitors traveling from out-of-town.

Remote Use:

Not available.

Sample Preparation:

We can do simple mounts in the lab, but generally materials should be substantially prepared before coming to the lab. We can polish if necessary (at an added cost). We can C and Au coat (at an added cost). A complete set of fees and services is available at the website.

Standard Collections/Lab Blanks:

SPI 53 minerals mount, Astimex 25 metals mount, Astimex 15 REE phosphate mount, selected Smithsonian standards, locally prepared standards.


We have a full set of AZtec and INCA software, including X-mapping, stage automation, montage and features analysis software.

Educational Use:

  • Class demonstrations are available for undergraduates
  • Class demonstrations are available for K-12
  • Undergraduate student research projects are invited
  • Graduate student research projects are invited
  • Tutorials and other educational materials related to the lab are available has information about an exercise created before we installed the new instrumentation in January, 2012.

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