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Engineering & Mining Experiment Station

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Contact Information

Russ Lingenfelter or Dr. Ed Duke

(605) 394-2380 or (605) 394-2496


Rapid City


Instrument Type

X-RAY DIFFRACTION - XRD X-ray powder diffractometer

Rigaku D/Max Ultima


Typical Use:

Instrument primarily used to determine mineral composition of powdered and solid samples. Variety of sample attachments allow for the analysis of different sample types.

Conditions for Use:

Submitted samples will be analyzed on a contract basis (i.e. lab personnel will do the work)

User Fees:

Fee charged on a per-sample basis.
Researchers can contract for instrument and staff time on an hourly basis for their projects.
Contact Lab manager for current rates.

Instrument Priorities:

Instrument priorities:
1 - SDSMT research projects
2 - Other SD State University System research projects
3 - Samples from private companies & individuals within South Dakota
4 - Samples from private companies & individuals outside South Dakota

Remote Use:


Sample Preparation:

Samples can be submitted as powder or solid.
Minimum sample required - approximately 1 gram.
Sample can be analyzed as received and returned unchanged if requested.
Lab staff will perform sample preparation for a fee if requested.

Standard Collections/Lab Blanks:

Instrument alignment and performance routinely checked using Silicon standard.


JADE software used to analyze data.

Educational Use:

Undergraduate student research projects are invited.
Graduate student research projects are invited.

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