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Fluid Inclusion Laboratory

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Contact Information

James B. Murowchick

816 235-2979


Kansas City


Instrument Type

FLUID ANALYSIS - Heating freezing microscope stage

Fluid Inc. gas flow heating/freezing stage


Chemical State fluid or gas analysis

Typical Use:

Used for determination of salinities and information related to trapping temperatures of fluid inclusions in transparent minerals.

Conditions for Use:

Visitors are invited to work in the lab to work with lab personnel.
Visitors are invited to work in the lab to design and do the work yourself.
Training Session (short course) is offered.

User Fees:

Variable. User would pay for consumables (e.g., liquid nitrogen). A small hourly user fee might be charged, depending on the source of the project (e.g., academic vs. commercial).

Instrument Priorities:

Priority given to funded research. Instrument is not heavily used.

Remote Use:


Sample Preparation:

Doubly-polished chips of transparent minerals are needed. We do not have facilities to prepare a large number of sections, so for major projects, the client should have fluid inclusion sections prepared in advance.

Standard Collections/Lab Blanks:

We have several melting point standards for thermocouple calibration, if needed.


No software. Digital or film photographic images can be collected, as well as video records.

Educational Use:

Class demonstrations are available for undergraduates.
Undergraduate student research projects are invited.
Graduate student research projects are invited.
Tutorials and other educational materials related to the lab are available.

Support provided by:

Supported by the UMKC Department of Geosciences

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