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Florida Center for Analytical Electron Microscopy

Florida International University

Contact Information

Tom Beasley or Gautam Sen

305-348-2714, or 305-348-2299




Instrument Type

ELECTRON MICROBEAM - SEM scanning electron microscope (including BSE, back-scattered electron detector) ELECTRON MICROBEAM - EDS energy dispersive spectrometer ELECTRON MICROBEAM - CL cathodoluminescence detector +/- spectrometer ELECTRON MICROBEAM - EMPA electron microprobe; wavelength dispersive spectrometers



Typical Use:

BSE, secodary electron, and X-ray imaging of minerals, rocks and other hard materials. Microanalysis of minerals, materials and glasses.

Conditions for Use:

Submitted samples will be analyzed on a contract basis (i.e. lab personnel will do the work).
Visitors are invited to work in the lab to work with lab personnel.
Visitors are invited to work in the lab to design and do the work yourself.
Training Session (short course) is offered.

User Fees:

Please see our website for fees. You may also contact Tom Beasley.

Instrument Priorities:

Our instruments have essentially zero downtime and we can fit you into the schedule easily. No priorities needed.

Remote Use:

Yes. Check our website and contact Tom Beasley.

Sample Preparation:

Regular probe sections to large (3" cubed) samples.

Standard Collections/Lab Blanks:

Contact us. We have a large set of standards.


Data can be processed with Microsoft Excel.

Educational Use:

Undergraduate student research projects are invited.
Graduate student research projects are invited.

Support provided by:

NSF-MRI grant

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